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Torremolinos Gay bars & Gay pubs



The main gay village in Torremolinos is located in the areas

  • ' La Nogalera ' located on the corner of Calle Danza Invisible & Calle Casablanca
  • 'Pueblo Blanco' Next to 'La Nogalera' & on the other side of Calle Casablanca
  • Other areas


La Nogalera bars



Pueblo Blanco bars


Chupito bar

La Esquina


Sari bar


Other Areas



Acabia   Athenea   Bar Babu   Sabrina    Zatannaza



La Nogalera 521 A famous gay nightlife venue



Alameda La

Ave. Manantiales 26 (Avenida Building). Hours 11pm to 6 am. Mixed M/F. Outside bar



Anfora Lesbian bar

23 ?am La Nogalera 522 Tel 29620



Antro El

19:00pm ?am Calle Danza Invisible  Dark room,



Arcos Pub

Now Encuentros bar



Armario El

La Nogalera, Local 208



Bar 21   British bar

Noon 1am La Nogalera, 21. Owner Gabrielle



Bar Bacchus Bear bar

22:00pm 3am La Nogalera, Local 712 29620




Edificio Centro Jardin (near Rey Sol) Bronx




22:00pm 3am Fri & Sat 22:00pm 4 Closed Mon (Oct May), popular with bears, slightly heavier scene, sling. Sunday afternoon underwear party



Bar Brujas Lesbian bar

La Nogalera 502 Popular lesbian bar with loud music




C/de la Cruz. Edificio Centro Jardin. dance




Edificio Centro Jardin, 237.0824 Konos, La Nogalera, Local 718



Chessa   English run bar

22:00pm 3am, WE 22:00pm 4am Fri & Sat 22:00pm 4am La Nogalera 408 Tel 29620




Pasaje Pizzarro s/n (basement). Tel. 237 2243. Mostly males



Contacto Drag Shows

22:00pm 4am La Nogalera 204 Tel 29620 Popular mainly spanish customers.




Sun Thu 22:00pm 2am, Fri & Sat 22:00pm 3am La Nogalera, Local 507  Dark room,



Encuentros cruise bar rent boys

21.30pm 2, WE 3am La Nogalera, Calle Danza Invisible, (Ist floor) Tel 95 237 17 38 With 5 comfortable relax rooms and 1 shower. Formerly Arcos & recently refurnished with a new owner but still a Rent boy bar

Calle Danza Invisible 8, La Nogalera Tel 29620 8 952 3717 38



Esquina La Dutch bar

Pueblo Blanco 39,



Estrella bar

La Nogalera 110 18 different whiskies to choose from 2 4 1for Sparticus readers



Golden Boys

La Nogalera, Local 519   Rent



Gorilla. La

21:00pm 3am, WE 4am Pueblo Blanco 33 Tel 29620 A small Spanish bar popular with the locals




21:00pm 3am La Nogalera 1103, Calle Danza Invisible Tel 29620 (Ist floor)



Men's Bar Heavy gay bar

22:00pm 5am La Nogalera, 714 Tel 29620 4 95 238 42 05  Very cruisy dark room with cages



Morbos Show bar

11pm 6am La Nogalera 113 Tel 29620 Owned by Sebastion who runs a large freindly & efficient gay bar with both drag artists & male stripper shows.Show 23am Cruisy Dark room. Busy late on & at weekends



Noite El

Calle Danza Invisible tel 95 205 35 92  Rent




La Nogalera. Mostly males



Parthenon Bar & Disco

La Nogalera, local 714. Mostly males



Pemplif **

(B G MA p R) 18:00pm 3am C/ Slia'1 / Pue Blanco, local 19 Tel 29620



People **

22.30 ?am La Nogalera local 208 Tel 29620



Pourquoi Pas?  French bar

21:00pm 3am, Fri & Sat 4am La Nogalera 703 Tel 29620. A very long established & busy bar which is intimate & friendly. Run by Maite mother the queen of Torremolinos




Calle Danza Invisible rooms with porn videos to rent  




La Nogalera, local 502. Mostly males




Calle Casablanca15, Pueblo Blanco




La Nogalera, local 524. Hours: 10pm to 5am. Mostly males, videos. Outside bar




La Nogalera. Mostly males.




La Nogalera, local 703. Tel. 237 5796. Mostly males. Videos, dance.









Cruising Show bar & Disco

23 7am C/ Danza Invisible  Spanish drag show, and strippers most nights Dark room


Emporio club

C/. Casablanca, La Nogalera Tel 29620 (At C/. Danza Invisible, Block 6, downstairs)  Dark rooms   Website site is in initial stage only





11:30pm late Pueblo Blanco, C/. Casablanca Dark room




Fri Sat 03:00 09:00 Palma de Mallorca, 36  Swimming pool, 3 floors, lasers, very popular    Spanish Website



Parthenon Disco & bar

La Nogalera 714. Large Bar, & Disco on lower floor with gogo dancers  Dark room  Cabins




Fri Sat 03:00 09:00  Palma de mallorca, 18  Popular large disco Flashy Website with a serious lack of information and only in Spanish




Midnight 7am C/ Danza Invisible. On 2 floors Large darkroom & cruising area, with fetish facilities 


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