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Sitges Transport Map

This Sitges Transport Map shows Transport locations. Click the name in the right column to highlight the location on the map.



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Sitges Transport

Package Holiday Transfer time is 1 hour 1 hour 30 minutes.

Sitges Railway Station

Click Map to Enlarge

Sitges Train Map showing Sitges Prat de LLobregart Barcelona Sants Stations


There’s an excellent regular train service into Barcelona, about 30 minute journey with Rodalies de Catalunya trains about every 15 minutes, but for more varied sightseeing, car rental is recommended.


The same train is taken for Barcelona airport, changing trains at Prat de LLobregart station

Nearest Airport to Sitges

Barcelona Airport



The nearest airport for Sitges is Barcelona Airport, 20 kilometres, also known as El Prat de LLobregart the name of the nearest town.

See location of Barcelona Airport El Alet on our Sitges map


Girona Airport & Reus Airport



Other possible airports are Girona Airport & Reus Airport but both these airports are over double the distance around 50 kilometres, with greater transport problems, Reus having greater problems than Girona.

We would recommend Airport Transfer Services from both these Airports to Sitges. Click the links below immediately under Airport Transfers



Airport Transfer Sitges Barcelona Airport



More information on Barcelona Airport to/from Sitges Hotels & Apartments Transfers


Trains Sitges Barcelona Airport & Sitges Barcelona



Rodalies de Catalunya Train Services


Rodalies de Catalunya Train Services
Rodalies de Catalunya Train Services

Services to Sitges are part of Barcelona's Suburban Railways, Rodalies de Catalunya and operated by RENFE

Sitges Barcelona Airport

There is no direct service between Sitges & Barcelona Airport. You have to change trains at one of the following stations:

  • El Prat de LLobregart station: This is 1 station from Barcelona Airport. from and gives the shortest route
  • Bellvitge / Gornal station:.  Only recommended if you require the Barcelona Espanya station or stations to the north of Barcelona

Barcelona Sants Barcelona Airport

  • Barcelona Sants station:  The main station in Barcelona.
    • Sants is a threw station so you can catch the same train at 2 more Barcelona stations, Passeig de Gracia & Estacio de Franca where trains from France arrive

Barcelona Sants Sitges

  • Trains run every 30 minutes to Sitges.

Trains to Sitges from Barcelona or El Prat de LLobregart station

  • Catch a train going to Sant Vicenc de Calders or Taragona.
    Do not get any trains just going as far as Castelldefels, they don't go as far as Sitges

Barcelona Airport Station

The Airport station is located by Barcelona Terminal 2, the usual terminal for flights from the UK.  If your flight is from Terminal 1 a shuttle bus  runs between the 2 terminals

See location of Sitges Station, Barcelona Airport Station, El Prat de LLobregart station, Barcelona Sants Station  on our Sitges map


Sitges is located on the Renfe Barcelona wider area Rail Map that includes the Airport, Barcelona & Sitges. Sitges is located in the bottom left corner about 1 quarter of the map width from the left edgeon the dark geen line R2 Sud (South) and the Airport is just below and slightly to the right on the light green line R2 Nord (North)

Railway Time Tables

Railway Time Tables Click the English Link at the top right of the page.  Although the page is in English Station names are in Spanish
Airport is listed as Aeroport

Sitges Buses

Sitges Local Bus



The local buses are small 20 seater's and operate on 3 routes around the town with there base at the Railway Station. All three routes leave the station at 15 & 45 minutes past the hour

The most popular route is listed below which is a mainly one way circular routes.

Times are given for some of the stops in the format +10 minutes which means it takes 10 minutes to get to that spot from the Station

Sitges Local Bus Stops Line 2

Renfe train station
  • Trains to Barcelona airport
  • Trains to Taragona
  • Sitges main bus Stop
Oasis (Taxi stop)
  • Shopping Centre
  • Tourist Information Office
Pg.Vilanova Av.Sofia


Pg.Vilanova (La Granja)


Pg. Vilanova (J.Figueres)


Cases del Sord  +10 minutes


Av.Navarra Av.Navarra(J.Carner)


Hotel Terramar  +20 minutes
  • The most Easterly bus stop, before returning towards the railway station.
  • Nearest bus stop to the Nude beaches located past the L'Atlantida Nightclub.
Pg.Marítimi Av.Vinyet(Dr.Benaprès)


Hotel Alba Pl. A.Garcia Munté Av.Vinyet/Av.Sofia


Rotonda/Av.Sofia  +25 minutes




Renfe train station  +30 minutes
  • Arrives back at the Train station ready for the next run.


Sitges Barcelona Airport Barcelona Bus



The Sitges Barcelona Airport Barcelona Bus is operated by Monobus with modern coaches.

Select Aeroport de Barcelona & Sitges in the required Origin & Destination boxes for a timetable

Monday Friday

with buses approximate every 30 minutes at peak times with a 35 minute journey time to the Airport or 50 minutes to Central Barcelona .

Some buses in the morning and evening go direct to Barcelona bypassing the airport


Every 1 to 2 hours

Sunday & Holidays

4 buses a day


Monobus also have other routes, some running south west along or near to the coast

Plana Bus Company  Costa Dorada Costa Garraff

The Plana Bus company operates various services in Costa Dorada


Plana Buses to/from Sitges



Barcelona – Sitges Tarragona – Salou Port Aventura Cambrils BM i La Granadella

Bus Stops   Bus Route Map




Sitges – Pineda – Port Aventura – Salou – BM Cambrils
One bus per day alowing for a short day trip

Bus Stops  |  Timetable


Sitges Vilafranca
Bus Stops 

Sitges Taxis

Taxis Stands



All Year

Railway Station

Oasis Shopping Centre

Summer Only

Terramar Hotel

Melia Hotel

Pic Nic


Taxi Telphone Numbers



Taxi Sitges  93894 1329

Taxi Sitges  93894 3594

Taxi Sitges Empresas  676 812 719

Taxi Sitges Empresas  609 064 427

Taxi Sitges Empresas  93 811 76 00